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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vishnu has lost his sheen, says Ileana

Manchu Vishnuvardhan babu who is gearing up for his engagement on October 19th seems to be a too slender guy these days. The quick weight loss sessions have taken away the young glow from his face and sources close to him say that he is looking like a patient being treated for anemia.

Adding to it, Vishnu and Ileana went shopping to a well known shopping mall after the shooting of their next Movie “Saleem”. It was gossiped among the onlookers that Vishnu was looking slimmer than Ileana and the owner of the shopping mall has commented on Vishnu by saying that he was looking like a patient now. Hearing this Vishnu got fumed, but was silent as the owner was a good friend to Mohan babu.

Ileana interpreted the conversation and added that Vishnu has lost his sheen on his face. The pretty glow which he used to have it earlier was totally absent. This made Vishnu even more embarrassed, but still he kept his smile intact on his face and passed the hour in peace.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mohan Babu is preparing well for his elder son’s engagement. It is said that 100 bottles of red label liquor will be flown from Mumbai and Delhi for the engagement ceremony. And wine will flow like a river on the function date.

Veronica is the bride with whom Vishnu is going to bond with. She is kept away from the media on Mohan Babu’s request. It is a known fact that 209 crores of dowry will be exchanged on the engagement date.

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