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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Political scenario gripping tollywood

Jayasudha, who till date has maintained her respect in the Telugu film industry has finally joined Congress yesterday with Chief Minister felicitating her with the congress Kandava. Jayasudha stated that Dr. Rajsheker reddy was the only man who fulfilled his promises after elections and so she desires to stick with him in the coming election.

Jayasudha also cleared that air that she is not going to comment on megastar like the others (Roja, Vijayashanti and Jeevitha) and said that her motive will be to reach out to the public needs and satisfy them.

On December 23rd well known comedian and Guinness record holder Brahmanandham will announce his political entry through Chiranjeevi’s PR Party. Already he is busy winding off his projects and will retire from films from next year.

But a final word to all those actors and actresses who joined and who are willing to join politics. It is hard to satisfy the people, as the needs and ravenousness in them is increasing day by day. In order to become a minister if you people are lining up to enter politics, it is a waste as the populace of Andhra Pradesh and India have become matured enough and will only vote to those who work hard for the people and not for their own families.

Anyway, best of luck Jayasudha!

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