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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Telugu Top Actress Rates for one day

Inauguration ceremonies are a must these days in case if a shopping mall, or an electronic appliances store or a sari house has to get some fame. And if it is done with actresses the mass crowds will throng the ceremonies and will make the inauguration ceremony successful.

Nowadays, if a politician or an actor participates in these types of ceremonies it is said to be a dull deed. But if some beauties inaugurate it then it will attract more crowds and the business will increase.

The following are the rate of the actresses if they spare some time in a day to inaugurate a shopping mall or a jewellery showroom or a electronic appliances store.

  • Nayantara – she demands 11 lakhs to 12 lakhs and is mostly available for Chennai populace.
  • Shriya- Shriya demands around 10-11 lakhs and is also available for Chennai crowds mostly.
  • Trisha – 9 lakhs
  • Ileana- 8-9 lakhs is mostly available for Hyderabad and Vizag populace.
  • Bhumika- Previously, it was 8 lakhs, but now after marriage this aunty is demanding only 5 lakhs.
  • Charmi demands around 8 lakhs
  • Hansika and Anushka demand around 5 lakhs
  • Tamannah and Mamta Mohan Das demand around 3-4 lakhs
  • Navneet and Poonam Kaur demand only 1 lakh per day.

These beauties are also available if in case, a person wants to invite them to a marriage function, birthday party or a social do. The rates differ a bit and may be around 60,000 for just wandering for 1 hour


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