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Friday, November 21, 2008

Uday is keen to join TDP party

Actor Uday Kiran is marching his way towards the TDP party and may join it in the 1st week of December. According to sources, it is reported that the young actor got a formal invitation from Junior NTR on Sunday and that too on the recommendation of Nara Chandra Babu. It is said that though, Uday is having a dim phase of film career he can easily attract the young girls of Coastal Andhra.

Uday had two recent releases and out of them Gundhe Jhalumandi has finally eased him out of the flop hero category. Now he is standing in between the super hit stars like Mahesh and Junior NTR and the flop stars like Tarun and Nithin.

Lover boy Uday was again called on Wednesday morning and this time by Kalyan Ram who is already campaigning for TDP circuit. The main aim of Chandra Babu is to nullify Chiranjeevi’s heroic effect by digging out the earlier matters which happened in case of Uday and his daughter’s marriage. With the support of TDP, Uday is said to ooze out the truth about Chiranjeevi in January 2009.

Some sources even say that Uday was waiting for “Oka Chance” from almost three years to speak about Chiranjeevi and he may just reveal the truth about Chiranjeevi and may get sidelined.

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