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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pavan’s PULI on a foreign trip

Pavan Kalyan’s Komuram PULI is out on a foreign trip to Malaysia and its surroundings. According to the unit sources, Pawan Kalyan and his heroine are going to romance in Malaysia from this coming Friday and so the entire unit comprising of only 9 members including Pawan, left for the scenic locales on Wednesday .

Komuram PULI’s Talkie portions and two songs will be shot in the scenic locales and the entire schedule will be wounded off in a week’s time. Meanwhile, Pawan is going to shuttle between India and Malaysia for some personnel reasons.

It is a fact that recently, he advised to his brother to address the public from one place instead of going on to different places. It is said that Pawan will be available for one of the political campaigns in order to support his brother’s party and also to promote his K’PULI.

SJ Surya is the director of this film and is said to be pinning a lot of hopes on the final outcome.

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