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Friday, November 28, 2008

Real life story Nagachaitanya

Nagachaitanya who was the cynosure at Nagarjuna’s KING audio function on Sunday admitted that the fans of his father and his Mama Venky made him choose the acting profession. Neatly dressed and equipped with a golden smile on his face, Nagachaitanya took over the stage with a lot of whistles from his father’s fans and spoke to his hearts content which made Nag cry a bit.

Nagachaitanya was born to Nagarjuna and his first wife who happens to be daughter of D Ramanaidu and sister to D. Suresh and Venkatesh Babu. When Nagarjuna and Ramanaidu’s daughter got married, they went to USA in order to pursue higher studies. But Nagarjuna came back to India and immediately gave divorce to his first wife whose name is withheld.

Then after his film industry entry, he fell in love with Amala and married her. After the audio release function, Nagachaitanya was on his way to his car when few reporters mobbed him for some enquiry. He spoke to them very politely and said that he will definitely make his ANR and Ramanaidu Thatha’s proud one day with his acting and fan craze. He also added that Venkatesh Mama was his acting idol from his childhood and said that he was his inspiration.

Meanwhile, KING Nagarjuna is planning for a huge college set in the outskirts of the city. The set is made at a cost of 62 lacs and the movie of Naga’s debut film is titled as JOSH.

So, beware Junior NTR and Mahesh another youngster with a huge background has entered the race.


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