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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chiranjeevi Un-Happy on KING audio release

KING which is the next movie of Nagarjuna had a gala audio release function yesterday. Nagarjuna, ANR, Sumanth, Venkatesh, Trisha, Mamta Mohan Das,Amala, Devi Sri Prasad, Ramanaidu, Raghavendra Rao, Brahmanandham, D. Suresh Babu, Venu Madhav and last but not the least Nagachaitanya were present at the audio release. It was said that CM Rajshekhar Reddy would make a sudden visit and will release the audio, but it turned up into a rumor.
Nagarjuna danced to one of his KING songs and the main highlight was Venkatesh and Nagarjuna seen after many years together. The whole Akkineni Khandhan was present at the venue and it was cynosure of eyes. The whole event was telecasted live on MAA Television and as usual the congress government campaigning was done in between the live show. Meanwhile, 5 youngsters were seen chanting Chiranjeevi zindabad at the back row of the venue. They were dragged out by the security personnel at the start of the program
Meanwhile, the whole event details were presented before the Megastar yesterday night and it is said that Chiranjeevi was unhappy with Nagarjuna and his growth. It is said that Chief Minister is backing him up in order to gain the celebrity status which will be used against Chiranjeevi in coming elections. It is also rumored that Akkineni Nagarjuna was warned about his political move by his father ANR who was not happy with Nagarjuna’s inclination on Congress government.
Nagachaitanya entered the stage as a surprise and took the blessings of Ramanaidu, His grandfather, Ramanaidu, Raghavendra Rao and other dignitaries. Nagarjuna hinted that from now on he must be called as KING Nagarjuna instead of Yuvasamrat and also revealed that he has the vigor, caliber and the right to be called so.

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