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Friday, January 9, 2009

MASAKA film audio makes MS Raju nervous

MASAKA which is the next film project of MS Raju is all set to hit the silver screens on January 14th. Already, MS Raju has clarified that this movie will be distributed by him and so he is trying his luck this time as a distributor. Last year, Raju directed a movie called VAANA which bamboozled the audiences and bombed at the box office.

Now, the coming sankranthi will witness MASAKA audio release and MS Raju is nervous this time. The reason for his nervousness is due to the fact that its audio has been declared a flop.

Yes, this is turning into a fact as the movie’s audio which was released on 25th December has been tagged as idiotic music composing. Chakri the music director has given the worst composition of music for this film.

So, with the music factor failing to impress, the movie MASAKA has only hopes on its storyline and cinematography. B. Gopal is the director of this film who has some fame with the movie INDRA.

So, MS. Raju garu zara Jagratha!


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